Exhibition 2016


selected works 2002 – 2016

Creativity through the years. Also importantly, creativity in this exhibition from those not usually considered “creative”.

My impetus to curate the show was to include creative types that are known for other endeavours – not for their artistic ones – at least publicly.

Above are some of my own works within the exhibition that show a range of media and styles. Some cityscapes, still life and a combined cityscape/nude on the top left.

Creativity isn’t just about art, though there is an art to it.

Abstraction from way back when

Abstraction and abstracted images plays a large part in my work. The idea of a “suggestion” or “reference” is certainly entertained and played upon.

This from 1986 is no exception. Collaging and drawing to create a suggested landscape…or is it? What do you find in there? Feel free, it’s OK to see and feel other ideas and thoughts about what the work might be about. Asking questions and thinking about possibilities is good and welcomed.

As with most contemporary art…you might not connect at first but keep thinking, keep trying.